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Our Remit

A strong economy depends upon manufacturing, engineering and technology industries. These sectors are fundamental to the future of the UK, and their success relies on the skills and commitment of their people.

How do we attract the people we need in a competitive market? How do we develop their potential? And how do we retain their expertise during periods of economic change and uncertainty?

Balancing the supply and demand for people in manufacturing, engineering and technology has long been a challenge for the UK. Many are passionate about solving the skills gap equation and believe it has to be tackled collectively.

Employers, unions, universities, colleges, trade associations, professional bodies and the government all have a vital part to play. TRS, an industry-led not-for-profit programme, is helping to facilitate that collaboration.

TRS is dedicated to supporting careers in manufacturing, engineering and technology. We help industries to attract new talent, individuals to develop their potential, and the UK to retain key skills. In short, we’re helping to build and maintain a national pool of industry skills to meet the needs of UK plc.